Star Trek III: The Search For Spock

April 26, 2000 // 0 Comments

There is a myth among many fans about the "odd and even" curse concerning the Star Trek motion pictures, positing that the good films are all even numbered with the reverse being true of the odd. While my personal favorite is an "even" [...]

Forbidden Planet

April 21, 2000 // 0 Comments

In 1956 the Cold War was fully under way and the fear another world war was imminent in people’s mind. The threat of nuclear destruction, an invisible yet absolutely lethal force, or from Outer Space was omnipresent and built the backbone for a great [...]

Galaxy Quest

April 5, 2000 // 0 Comments

Sometimes, a great idea alone can make a great movie. If you have a great idea coupled with a great cast, it may get you even further. If you have a great idea, a fantastic cast and breath-taking special effects, you’re going a long way! This is the [...]

The Abyss

March 2, 2000 // 0 Comments

After closely following the development of this special edition of James Cameron’s 1989 underwater epic "The Abyss" in our Production Dairy for several months, I had a pretty good idea about the bonus programming and contents I could expect [...]

The Hidden

February 21, 2000 // 0 Comments

I remember the first time I heard about "The Hidden, " it was in the late 80s when a friend recommended me to watch this rather obscure movie at the time. I went out, rented the video and was quickly captivated by this powerful film that had [...]

Plan 9 From Outer Space

February 16, 2000 // 0 Comments

Although Ed Wood’s masterpiece "Plan 9 From Outer Space" has been released on DVD before, that release wasn’t particularly appealing, as it was taken from a shoddy source and the DVD itself was also quite a disappointment. When Image [...]

Mothra / Godzilla Double Features

February 4, 2000 // 0 Comments

In regular intervals, Columbia TriStar Home Video is presenting us with kaiju releases, giant monster movies from the imagination and workshops of Japanese filmmakers from the Toho Studios. Columbia usually creates double-features for these releases, [...]


November 2, 1999 // 0 Comments

Saying that the films of David Cronenberg are weird is like saying that water is wet — it just doesn’t begin to describe the situation. Cronenberg has made a reputation by creating truly unique films that challenge the viewer — not only [...]

The Matrix

September 1, 1999 // 0 Comments

Ever since I first read William Gibson’s novel "Neuromancer" novel, and since I had laid my hands on FASA’s "Shadowrun" role-playing games I had dreamed of a movie that takes the Cyberpunk world described in these works and puts it [...]


July 1, 1999 // 0 Comments

The flood of special effects movies is almost unstoppable since "Jurassic Park" opened the floodgates in 1993 with its advancements in computer generated imagery. Today literally every film we see on the silver screen is either dramatically [...]
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