Kevin Kline

A Fish Called Wanda

September 18, 2017 // 0 Comments

The late 80s produced some great and memorable comedies, and, without a doubt, A Fish Called Wanda is one of the most recognizable and beloved achievements of the genre at the time. Released multiple times on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc before, Arrow Video is [...]

“Ricki and the Flash” will tear down your home in November

September 28, 2015 // 0 Comments

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has just added Ricki and the Flash to its release line-up, scheduling Jonathan Demme’s rock’n roll drama for release on Blu-Ray Disc and DVD in November. Meryl Streep as you have never seen her before, a hard-rocking [...]

Chaplin: 15th Anniversary Edition

October 3, 2008 // 0 Comments

Over ninety years after his first appearance on film, the Tramp is still one of the best known characters of movie history, making Charlie Chaplin one of the best known men on earth. But who was he really? Who was the man behind the timeless success of [...]

Silverado Gift Set

March 21, 2005 // 0 Comments

With a great cast and a classic bad, greedy landowner rules a Western small town until the good guys come in to run him down plot, "Silverado" is great fun for fans of the Western genre. It is a wonderful production that isn’t taking itself [...]

I Love You To Death

July 8, 2003 // 0 Comments

’I Love You To Death’ is a black comedy that is absolutely funny and hair-raising at times. Featuring the comedic talents of Kevin Kline and Tracy Ullman in the leads, the cast is completed by River Phoenix, William Hurt, Joan Plowright and Keanu [...]

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame II

May 24, 2002 // 0 Comments

Over the years, Disney’s direct-to-video animated sequels have ranged from good (’Pocahontas II’) to awful (’Return of Jafar’). ’The Hunchback of Notre Dame II’ falls somewhere in-between. The story picks up a few years after the conclusion [...]

Life As A House

April 15, 2002 // 0 Comments

The "terminally ill character" or "death & dying" genre is one of the stranger ones in film. Unlike most other kinds of films, with these movies, the audience is fairly certain how the many will end before it even begins. For that [...]


December 12, 2001 // 0 Comments

’Soapdish’ is a screwball comedy set in the topsy-turvy world of daytime soap operas. Sally Field stars as Celeste Talbert, the star of ’The Sun Also Sets’ and the reigning queen of daytime television. Conniving starlet Montana Moorehead (Cathy [...]

The Road To El Dorado

December 18, 2000 // 0 Comments

’The Road to El Dorado’ is the second full-length animated feature from Dreamworks Home Video. While their first foray into animation was 1998’s very serious, visually-sumptuous ’Prince of Egypt, ’ this sophomore effort is a light-hearted, [...]

Wild Wild West

November 30, 1999 // 0 Comments

After "Independence Day" and "Men In Black", Will Smith seems to be in a continuum that keeps throwing him in big budget and big special effects comedies. The latest entry is "Wild Wild West", a movie version of the beloved [...]
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