Brendan Gleeson

Song of the Sea

April 13, 2015 // 0 Comments

In a world where the term “animated” has become equivalent with “computer animated” and “Digitally sterile, ” it is becoming increasingly hard to find films that are keeping the original spirit of animation alive by offering up a level of [...]

“Calvary” is set for a December release from 20th Century Fox

October 16, 2014 // 0 Comments

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is bringing the British production Calvary to home video, scheduling a Blu-Ray Disc in December. Brendan Gleeson stars in this darkly comic tale of murder and morality from acclaimed writer-director John Michael [...]

Beowulf: Director's Cut

March 4, 2008 // 0 Comments

Robert Zemeckis was the driving force behind "The Polar Express, " in which he explored new grounds in computer animation. Unlike the Pixar approach in which everything is created from scratch, essentially, by the skills of modelers, texture [...]


September 27, 2006 // 0 Comments

For some reason a lot of people do not like Wolfgang Petersen's "Troy." I am not sure, why that is. Never really figured it out. While it is certainly not a masterpiece or landmark film, I've always enjoyed it for what it is and [...]

Lake Placid

January 10, 2000 // 0 Comments

When the dinosaurs from "Jurassic Park" stomped through movie theaters across world, we all knew a new era of filmmaking had dawned, but little did we know how fast computer-generated images would become as commonplace as they are today. Since [...]