Shout! Factory brings us “Mr. Mom”

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Shout! Factory has added a Blu-Ray Disc version of the 1983 comedy Mr. Mom to its roster, scheduling the Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray in September.

While Caroline Butler (Teri Garr) re-enters the workforce and becomes the rising star of her advertising agency, her newly unemployed husband Jack (Michael Keaton) finds himself a new job …as a stay-at-home dad! But if Jack thinks his old career in the automotive industry was tough, he has no idea what’s waiting for him at home: the ins and outs of dropping the kids off at school, soap operas, woobies, babies with chili, a clean-up on aisle seven and a vacuum cleaner named “Jaws.” Not to mention the seedy neighborhood drama!

Inspired, in part, by writer John Hughes’ (Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles) own life lessons as a clueless stay-at-home father, Mr. Mom is a standout release in Shout’s Select line of titles.

Featuring an all-new cover illustration, brand-new Interviews with producer Lauren Shuler Donner and co-stars Ann Jillian, Frederick Koehler, Taliesin Jaffe and Miriam Flynn, the release will also include the Original Theatrical Trailer.

Mr. Mom will arrive in stores on September 5 for $27.99.

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