“Good People” debuts on Blu-Ray and DVD later this month

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Millennium Entertainment is preparing the release of the crime-thriller Good People currently, bringing the film to Blu-Ray Disc and DVD later this month.

In the movie, a young American couple (James Franco and Kate Hudson) falls into severe debt while renovating a home in London. When they discover that the tenant in the apartment below them was murdered and left $400,000 cash stashed in the ceiling, the couple thinks all of their problems are solved…but that’s when very bad things start happening to good people.

While featuring a 1080p high definition presentation with high definition audio, it appears both the Blu-Ray and DVD version will be making their debut without any bonus features.

“Good People” will be available in stores around the country on October 28 and can be yours for $29.99 on Blu-Ray Disc or $28.99 on DVD.

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