“Tasting Menu” gives you an appetite in October

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Magnolia Home Entertainment has added the film Tasting Menu to their release line-up, scheduling this ensemble dramedy centered on culinary delights, in which a mishmash of relationships, feuds, and broken dreams are mended through the simple act of “breaking bread” and the universal appreciation of great food, for release in October.

One of the greatest restaurants in the world is closing and an eclectic mix of international patrons have arrived in beautiful Catalonia for the final dinner service. As the staff prepare and serve an audacious tasting menu, a young couple in the midst of a divorce who made their reservation a year ago before separating, reunite for this once-in-a-lifetime meal. Can their romance be rekindled? Will the brilliant chef be able to pull off a perfect finale?

Available on Blu-Ray Disc and DVD, the disc will also feature a look Behind the Menu, as well as a Photo Gallery and the movie’s Trailer.

“Tasting Menu” can be your dish of choice when it is served at retail stores around the country on October 7 for $29.98 on Blu-Ray Disc and $26.98 on DVD.

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