“Bates Motel” is open for business in October

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Universal Home Entertainment has just announced the upcoming release of Bates Motel: Season Two, scheduling DVD and Blu-Ray versions for October.

Bates Motel has vacancies and welcomes you for a second season, where in the aftermath of Miss Watson’s murder, Norman’s (Freddie Highmore) innocence is buried under blackouts, suspicious characters, and his strange behavior. Meanwhile, Norma (Vera Farmiga) faces dark truths of her own when family secrets begin to unravel and looming threats from local villains jeopardize Norma’s stab at happiness. No matter where you turn – there’s no escaping what bubbles beneath the surface in White Pine Bay.Experience every thrilling twist and turn with all 10 episodes, back-to-back and uninterrupted, from “Bates Motel Season Two.”

Aside from the show’s episodes, the 2-disc release will also include the Featurettes Bates Motel: After Hours – Season Two Premiere and Bates Motel: After Hours – Season Two Finale, as well as Origins of a Psycho: Inside Bates Motel.

Scheduled for release on October 7, you can own the show on DVD for $44.98 and on Blu-Ray Disc for $49.99.

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