John Badham’s Dracula makes it to Blu-Ray

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Universal Home Entertainment has just announced a forthcoming Blu-Ray edition of John Badham’s 1979 version of Dracula, scheduling the release of the disc for September.

Throughout history, Dracula has filled men’s hearts with fear – and women’s hearts with desire. In this stylish retelling of the classic tale of horror, Frank Langella gives an electrifying performance as the bloodthirsty Count, with Sir Laurence Olivier as his legendary nemesis, Van Helsing, the renowned and relentless vampire hunter seeking to end the Dark Prince’s reign of terror over the citizens of Transylvania!

The release will feature a 1080p high definition transfer with a DTS 2.0 HD Master audio track. No information has been made available whether this is the original, theatrical version of the film or director Badham’s revisited, color-adjusted version.

In addition, the release will also contain a Commentary Track by Director John Badham, and the Featurette ”The Revamping of Dracula”. Further, the release will contain Universal Classic Monsters Trailer and the Dracula TV Series Trailer

The release also comes with a Digital Copy and an UltraViolet version.

Look for “Dracula” in stores on September 2.

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