Warner tunes into the Network on Blu-Ray

Warner Home Video has added a Blu-Ray version of Network to their line-up, releasing the film in February.

Newscaster Howard Beale has a message for those who package reports of cute puppies, movie premieres and fender benders as hard news: “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.” Sidney Lumet directs Paddy Chayefsky’s satire about the things people do for love…and ratings. Faye Dunaway plays a TV exec guarding ratings like a tigress protecting her cubs; Peter Finch’s airwave rants become a phenomenon and William Holden, Robert Duvall and Beatrice Straight add to the fierce vitality.

THe Blu-Ray version will feature a 1080p high definition transfer with DTS 5.1 audio. As extras you will find the 6-part Documentary ”The Making of Network” on the disc, showing you how a movie landmark caught media lightning, with Sidebars on Paddy Chayefsky, Getting Mad As Hell and Walter Cronkite’s Reflections.

Also included is a Vintage Paddy Chayefsky Interview Excerpt from “Dinah!,” hosted by Dinah Shore, and a Commentary Track by Director Sidney Lumet.

Private Screenings with Sidney Lumet is also included, a Featurette in which Turner Classic Movies Host Robert Osborne Interviews the Director.

“Network” will get new ratings on February 15 for $19.98.

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