Children of the Corn are surfacing on Blu-Ray

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Anchor Bay Entertainment has added the remake of Children of the Corn to their release line-up, bringing the film to Blu-Ray Disc in November.

It’s 1975, and a young married couple – Vietnam vet Burt (David Anders of Alias and Heroes) and preacher’s daughter Vicki (Kandyse McClure of Battlestar Galactica) – are driving cross-country straight into the heartland of Hell. Here in Gatlin, Nebraska, the town’s bloodthirsty children – led by the boy preacher Isaac and his teen enforcer Malachai – have slaughtered all adults by command of He Who Walks Behind The Rows. Now two new Outlanders have arrived…and The Time Of Sacrifice is at hand. Preston Bailey (Dexter) and Daniel Newman co-star in this brutal and chilling re-imaging of King’s infamous tale, featuring graphic footage not seen in the television broadcast.

No specs and details about the release have been released at this point but expect the film to hit retailers on November 16 for $17.99.

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