Avatar: I See You

Finally, official word has come from Twentieth Century Fox on the anticipated Blu-ray of Avatar, and it’s an interesting bit of news.

It’s rare that a company proudly boasts of a lack of features, but that’s what Fox is doing today. The upcoming Avatar Blu-ray will contain absolutely zero supplements and no menus. Fox is going the Superbit route to take up every bit of the disc to maximize the picture and sound quality. If you’re upset at the prospect of missing extras (including the promised deleted scenes), don’t worry, the wait will just be a few more months when a multidisc set will come out. And of course the third helping – an eventual 3D release – hasn’t been announced at all as of yet, but will likely arrive sometime next year.

The bare disc arrives April 22nd. The multidisc set hasn’t been given a release date, but will be sometime in November. The 3D release will be sometime in the future.

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