The Karate Kid Collection

The Karate Kid Collection

Submitted by Dean Arashiro and Martin Gruen

On the Sony Pictures Home Entertainment release of “The Karate Kid Collection” you can also find some nice little hidden features.

Insert the disc containing the “Karate Kid Special Edition” in your DVD player and from the Main Menu go to the “Scene Selections.” There, highlight the entry for “2. Paradise At Last.” Now press the “Up” arrow key on your remote control and a pair of chopsticks will appear. If you press the “Enter” key now you will get to see the music video for Survivor’s “Moment Of Truth.”

Another hidden feature can be found on the disc when you go to the “Special Features” section and there select the “Featurettes” menu entry. In the submenu that follows, highlight the entry “Beyond the Form” and then press the left arrow key on your remote control twice. This will highlight Daniel’s headband and if you press “EnteR” now you will be treated to a clip in which martial arts choreographer, Pat Johnson, demonstrates how a fight in the movie was choreographed.

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