I Sell The Dead in March

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MPI Home Video will release the independent fright flick I Sell The Dead in late March on both DVD and Blu-Ray Disc.

It was a time of ghouls, ghosts and most ghastly of all, the fine art of grave-robbing. Dominic Monaghan of “Lord of the Rings” stars as 19th century corpse snatcher Arthur Blake, who pilfered the cemeteries and coffins of England until his capture by police. But just before Blake is to meet the hangman’s noose, he will confess to a peculiar priest (Ron Perlman of “Hellboy” and “Sons of Anarchy”) his gruesome tale of vampires, zombies and cadaver-dealing that takes him from the savagery of the criminal underworld to the terrors of the undead. Producer Larry Fessenden (“Wendigo”) and Angus Scrimm (“Phantasm”) co-star in this deliriously grisly and hilarious homage to foggy graveyards, bloody mayhem and the golden age of gothic horror.

The DVD versionof the movie will feature an anamorphic transfer of the film with Dolby SDigital 5.1 audio.

The Blu-Ray version will be presented in 1080p high definition with high def audio also.

Both versions will include identical bonus materials, including a Commentary Track with Dominic Monaghan and Larry Fessenden. Also included is a Commentary Track with director Glenn McQuaid. Further you will find a Making Of Featurette on the disc along with a Visual Effects Featurette and Trailers.

“I Sell The Dead” arrives in stores on March 30 for $19.99 on DVD and $29.98 on Blu-Ray Disc.

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