Lionsgate unleashes the horror of The Relic in high def

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has added the horror thriller The Relic, based on the best-selling novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, to their release line-up, bringing the film to Blu-Ray Disc in April.

Plucky evolutionary biologist Dr. Margo Green (Penelope Ann Miller) joins forces with tough Chicago cop Lt. Vincent D’Agosta (Tom Sizemore) to unravel the mystery behind the horribly mangled corpses that keep popping up around her museum during an opening night gala. When they investigate further they find that there were mysterious deaths on the cargo ship that brought new exhibit pieces across the ocean. Sure enough, there’s a monster to blame, sprung from a strange artifact of South American origin.

The Blu-Ray Disc will be featuring a 1080p high definition transfer of the movie, complete with DTS 5.1 HD Master Audio. Unfortunately no bonus materials have been announced for the title, indicating that this will be a bare-bones release, unfortunately, but with a low price of $19.99 when the disc will show up in stores on April 6 this may be excused.

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