Full info on The Prisoner has finally arrived

As pointed out in a previous announcement, the AMC TV mini-series The Prisoner is arriving on home video in March from Warner Home Video and finally, details about the release have surface.

Nobody resigns from Summakor. Once he had a name, a job with the mysterious spy-ops outfit Summakor and a life in New York. Now he has a number. He’s called 6, and everything has changed since he quit the many-tentacled agency. Suddenly he lives in The Village, a too-perfect paradise wretched with conformity. A society where all names are numbers. Where secret eyes watch over hollow bliss. Where dissent is rare and whispered. Where 6 knows he has one option: escape. Jim Caviezel portrays disoriented, determined 6 and Ian McKellen plays the serenely cunning Village overseer called 2 in a brilliantly reimagined, six-episode sci-fi riff on the Patrick McGoohan series of the 1960s. Are 6’s experiences real? Happenings of a parallel universe? Imaginings of his own walled-in mind? Enter The Village….

The 3-disc DVD set will contain over 3 hours of bonus materials, including a number of Unaired Scenes, as well as Cast and Creator Commentary Tracks. Also included is the Featurette ”Beautiful Prison: The World of The Prisoner” and a Six-Hour Film Shot in 92 Days, ”A Production Diary of The Prisoner”. The DVD further contains The Prisoner Comic Con Panel and Jamie Campbell-Bower Interviews Sir Ian McKellen, as well as a Six-Part Look Inside The Prisoner.

On March 23 you can visit the Village together with the Prisoner when this DVD set will arrive in stores for $29.98. No Blu-Ray version has been announced yet.

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