I am The Maxx

MTV’s Liquid Television introduced us to many strange things, but perhaps not as stange as The Maxx based of the first several issues of the comic series, The Maxx finally makes its way to DVD.

In the murky alleyways of New York City, homeless Maxx huddles in his box and dreams of crushing evil villains. But when he bursts into the colorful netherworld of the Outback, the Maxx is a hero, in full purple splendor. His friend Julie, a freelance social worker, thinks the Maxx’s alternate universe is just an escape from the harsh reality of New York…not realizing that she, too, roams the Outback as the Jungle Queen. Join the Maxx for deliciously demonic adventures in both worlds, as he scours streets and jungles in search of the link between his two realities. Will he be able to find the connection before it’s too late?

Not only is the series coming to DVD, it’s coming complete for the first time anywhere. The previous VHS sets were inexplicably missing episode 8. The set contains all thirteen episodes along with audio commentary on each episode, interviews with Sam Kieth and Gregg Vanzo. A few interesting tidbits about the DVD, it is apparently only available from Amazon. It will be on a DVD-R via Amazon’s CreateSpace program and you can pre-order it now, but no release date is up yet.

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