Warner gives us a high definition outlook

Recently, Warner Home Video has added a number of high definition titles to their release line-up, scheduled for the fall and winter of 2010. Considering far ahead these announcements are, we are a little wary to fully announce them here with all their specs, as these things have a tendency to shift and change over such extended periods of time.

However, we did not withhold from you the exciting title announcements, so we are just letting you know to look for Ace Ventura, Hamlet, What’s Up Doc? and National Lampoon’s European Vacation on Blu-Ray next August.

September will hold Blu-Ray versions of Mars Attacks!, Forbidden Planet, Lost In Space, Matrix Reloaded and THX-1138 if everything goes well, while in October you will find high definition versions of The Maltese Falcon and Treasure Of The Sierra Madre on store shelves, followed by Blu-Ray versions of The Goonies and the 1935 version of Mutiny On The Bounty in November.

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