Ben Hur receives the royal treatment from Warner

Like “The Wizard Of Oz” recently and “Gone With the Wind” in the next few weeks, Warner Home Video has decided to give Ben Hur the absolutely best treatment possible and have scheduled the film for release on Blu-Ray Disc next November.

After his boyhood friend Messala’s fanatic loyalty to Rome makes him a powerful enemy, Judah Ben-Hur is found guilty of an attempted murder he did not commit. His family is banished and he is enslaved on a warship. Through his ferocity in a raging sea battle, he is able to escape and become a horse trainer. To exact his revenge, Ben-Hur decides to compete against Messala in the Roman chariot races. They race, locked in a battle to the death. Barely surviving, Ben-Hur forsakes the sword for Christ and finally finds redemption. Winner of a record 11 Academy Award, including Best Picture and Actor (Charlton Heston).

Painstakingly restored and prepared for high definition, the release will arrive in a wonderful gift set with all the bells and whistles you can hope for. Though no exact details have been announced at this time, we are already excited to see this cinematic landmark one year from now.

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