Star Trek season 3 on the way

The second season of Star Trek arrives on Blu-ray tomorrow and CBS/Paramount have decided to announce the third season with some lovely extras.

All the episodes from the 1968-1969 season are presented here in their updated and original versions, and as is tradition with Star Trek season sets, it appears the unaired pilot will be onboard as well. In past releases, several cuts of the episode along with an intro with Gene Roddenberry were available. No word yet on what is in store for The Cage this time around though. Other extras include all the preview trailers, a BD-Live portal, the featurettes 2009 Convention Coverage, Life Beyond Trek: Walter Koenig, The Anthropology of Star Trek, Chief Engineer’s Log, The World of Rod Roddenberry, Memoir from Mr. Sulu, Captain’s Log: Bob Justman, To Boldly Go… Season Three, Collectible Trek and Star Trek’s Impact along with a third batch of Billy Blackburn’s Treasure Chest. If the set is anything like the first two seasons, easter eggs will likely abound.

A thoroughly complete set. The box brings the entire original series to Blu-ray. The set arrives on December 15th. The complete series will street that date as well, but will not contain any additional features, only the three seasons available together.

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