Monty Python is The Other British Invasion

With all this talk of the four lads from Liverpool, it’s easy to overlook the other band of misfits from English shores who took the U.S. by storm. A&E is readying two docuemtaries on Britain’s premier comedy group on a DVD entitled Monty Python: The Other British Invasion.

As hard as it is to imagine, there was a world before Monty Python. And just like any other great historical epoch — the Jurassic Period, the Age of Chivalry, The Dawn of Disco — scholars have invested hundreds of hours examining the Rise of Python: that brief shining moment before the world knew how brilliant buffoonery could be. Watch, laugh and learn in THE RISE OF MONTY PYTHON: THE OTHER BRITISH INVASION

“Before the Flying Circus” features rare vintage footage and interviews trace the pre-Monty Python influences that honed the wit of the future Pythons and shaped their destinies as the world’s most innovative comedy partnership. “Monty Python Conquers America” is the story of the OTHER British invasion – the funny one. Monty Python’s astonishing American success was due as much to the passion of well-placed fans as it was to a string of absurdly lucky breaks. Being really, REALLY funny helped some, too. Featuring interviews with the Pythons, Hank Azaria, Jimmy Fallon, David Hyde Pierce, and others.

The set (which will also be included in the gigantic Python set coming later in the year) will be available on October 27th for $19.95.

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