Gojria rises

The original King of Monsters: Gojira is coming to Blu-ray from Genius Products

When several ships mysteriously explode and sink off the coast of Japan, the country begins to panic. Authorities are convinced that the unexplained activity was caused by underwater mines or volcanoes and sends officials to Odo Island to investigate. Days later, something comes ashore and destroys several neighboring houses, killing many locals. Renowned paleontologist, Dr. Kyohei Yemane (Takashi Shimura), is called to lead a new expedition and uncovers the source of the problem—a 400-foot tall mutant dinosaur the natives call Gojira. The Doctor insists that the monster, which was awakened from a million-year sleep by nuclear bomb tests in the South Pacific, be studied not destroyed. Gojira soon begins a rampage that threatens to destroy Japan. Can the powerful monster be eliminated before it is too late?

The original Japanese version will arrive uncut, but the American version is nowhere to be seen. Extras include featurettes, a commentary and trailers.

Look to the sea when Gojira arrives on September 22nd for $29.93.

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