LG has a new Blu-Ray player for under $250

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Overt and over we have heard the argument that Blu-Ray is too expensive to get into but let’s face it, $250 is not really a lot of money considering the amount of technology your getting and considering the dramatic improvements in presentation quality you will be seeing when switching over to high definition.

LG Electronics has just release their new LG BD 370 Network Blu-ray Disc Player“” that is fully equipped with profile 2.0 and has everything from DTS and Dolby lossless audio to 24 frame 1080p video output. In short, it has all the features of a high end player – with the exception of a wireless LAN connection – on a small budget.

While carrying a $329 suggested retail price, Amazon.com currently sells the player for $249 dollars, and if you’re an Amazon Prime customer you even get free 2-day shipping on the unit. Among many other benefits, that alone could be a good reason to sign up for Amazon’s Prime service.

Clearly, this player is ideal as a secondary player or a start for those who were holding out a little, waiting for prices to drop.

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