Take a trip to Total Drama Island in July

Warner Home Video has added the animated Survivor send-off Total Drama Island to their release line-up, scheduling it as a 4-disc DVD set for July.

Twenty-two teens have just been sent to the oldest, moldiest, most beat up, run-down, bug infested summer camp in Northern Ontario where they’ll be forced to endure a summer of leaky cabins, crappy food and increasingly insane challenges.

Only one can win – the rest will walk the dreaded Dock of Shame. Tensions will run high, the hook-ups are SO on, and the cameras will be there to catch it all.

The DVD set will feature all 26 episodes from the series, plus the Reunion episode on 4 discs. The show will be presented in its original fullframe aspect ratio with a Dolby Stereo audio track. No extras will be included in the release.

Take your trip to “Total Drama Island” on July 14 when the show will arrive on DVD for $34.99.

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