Take a look at The New World in high definition

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New Line Home Entertainment has added a Blu-Ray version of Terence Malick’s The New World to their release schedule, offering up the movie in its Extended Cut in September.

Powhatan tribal people stare in wonder as three ships approach shore. It’s a story every schoolchild knows. And as told by filmmaker Terrence Malick (Badlands, Days of Heaven, The Thin Red Line) in this Extended Cut with over 30 minutes of footage unseen in theaters, it’s a story you never imagined. Working in part from first-hand histories and adding his extraordinary sense of image and human drama, Malick crafts a spellbinding tale of the Jamestown settlement, of cultures connecting and of deadly consequences when connections fray. Capt. John Smith (Colin Farrell), Pocahontas (Q’orianka Kilcher), John Rolfe (Christian Bale): you know the names. But you could never experience the visceral power of the stories behind those names until now.

The release features a 1080p high definition transfer with DTS 5.1 HD Master Lossless Audio and also includes the comprehensive 10-part Documentary ”Making The New World”. Further the disc will contain the movie’s Theatrical Trailers.

“The New World: The Extended Cut” will help make history come to life on September 8 for $28.99.

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