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Five releases have been announced from Criterion. The re-release of For All Mankind and Roman Polanski’s Repulsion for DVD and Blu-ray and The Human Condition, Made in U.S.A. and 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her for DVD only.

For All Mankind has been cleaned up and will contain an audio commentary with director Al Reinert and Apollo 17 commander Eugene A. Cernan, the documentary An Accidental Gift: The Making of “For All Maknind” including interviews, additional interviews not included in the film, a featurette on the artwork of Apollo 12’s Al Bean, liftoff footage, audio from Apollo missions, and a booklet featuring essays.

Repulsion comes with an audio commentary from Polanski and Catherine Deneuve, the documentary, A British Horror Film, a 1964 television special, and a trailer along with an essay booklet.

The Human Condition contains an excerpt from an interview with director Masaki Kobayashi and an interview with Tatsuya Nakadai, trailers a video tribute, and improved subtitles.

Mde in U.S.A. includes a video featurette an essay on the references within the film and trailers.

2 or 3 Things I Know About Her includes interviews and essays.

All of the titles arrive in July.

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