My Dinner with André keeps its reservation

The Loius Malle film My Dinner With André is considered one of the great films of its time, and yet it has been suprisingly difficult to see. Criterion will finally remedy this with a new DVD release of the film.

In Louis Malle’s captivating and philosophical My Dinner with André, actor and playwright Wallace Shawn sits down with friend and theater director André Gregory at a Manhattan restaurant, and the two proceed into an alternately whimsical and despairing confessional on love, death, money, and all the superstition in between. Playing variations on their own New York–honed personas, Shawn and Gregory, who also wrote the screenplay, dive in with introspective, intellectual gusto, and Malle captures it all with a delicate, artful detachment. A fascinating freeze-frame of cosmopolitan culture, My Dinner with André remains a unique work in cinema history.

The disc will contain a restored transfer with new interviews with André Gregory and Wallace Shawn an episode of the BBC program Arena and a booklet.

This long overdue 1981 fil arrives on June 23rd with a suggested retail price of $39.95.

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