Confirmed: License to Kill and Man With The Golden Gun

It’s unusual to report on a bonus disc or store exclusive on this site, but Best Buy stores have scored quite the coup.

License to Kill and The Man With The Golden Gun are both due for Blu-ray release, but Best Buy has them now. A special limited edition box set containing the two films bundled with Quantum of Solace are available now.

But are these discs identical to the eventual widespread release? For the most part, it appears the answer is yes. The package art and disc match the existing Blu-rays and each film comes with all the extras announced with the original sets. There are some minor differences; the bar code on the back of the packaging has a white sticker over it and there is no insert in the case. The plastic case itself matches the other cases with the odd exception that a recyclable sybol is etched into the plastic beneath the cover art. This is only visible if the case is open and you’re looking at the back of the cover art for some reason.

Whatever the reasons, these discs are available now at Best Buy. They will be released to the rest of the world in May.

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