A Real American Hero

Some movie companies seem to think that G.I. Joe means a bunch of mopey soldiers in matching Batman outfits. But for anyone who believes that G.I. Joe is about a ridicuolously diverse group of awesome fighting dudes in snake costumes, then good news G.I. Hoe: A Real American Hero: Season 1, Part 1 is coming from Shout! Factory.

G.I. Joe is an elite group of special military operatives, fighting for freedom wherever there’s trouble. In this animated series that introduced Hasbro’s popular line of 3¾” G.I. Joe action figures, our team of Real American Heroes will stop at nothing to defeat Cobra – an enemy with the singular goal of world domination!

Obviously the box set is timed to coincide with the live-action movie, but whatever the reason we’re happy to have some good old-fashioned G.I. Joe back on the television. Special features are still being culled, but the set will arrive on July 21st. Yo Joe!

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