Two and a Half Men and One CSI

The fifth season of the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men is coming to DVD from Warner Home Entertainment.

The fifth opens with Charlie topping the charts as kiddie-song sensation Charlie Waffles. Alan at last meets the perfect woman – who just happens to be dating Charlie. Jake starts junior high, armed with reams of “helpful” advice from Alan and Charlie, while Evelyn ties the knot for the fifth time. Complicating matters further are Alan’s deeply neurotic ex-wife, Judith, and Charlie’s domineering, unapologetically blue-collar housekeeper, Berta. The guys are in and the welcome mat is out at everyone’s favorite Malibu beach house.

The fifth season is notable for its crossover with the very different program, CSI. The box set includes the featurette Two and a Half Men – Sying is Easym Comedy is Hard on the event as well as the complete episode of Two and a Half Deaths. Other more traditional extras include Two and a Half Men at 100 and >The Lore of Chuck Lorre: Must Pause TV.

On May 12th, the DVD arrives.

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