Sin City gets the complete treatment

In the DVD age, “unrated” and “extended” cuts are often just a chance to sell more DVDs, but some films do artisically lend themselves to alternate forms of storytelling. Sin City is such a film. The many iterations of the film will hopefully find a refuge in the upcoming Blu-ray from Walt Disney Home Entertainment.

The set comes on two discs. The first disc contains the theatrical version of the film with a Cine-Explore feature running throughout in addition to two more traditional audio commentaries and another audio opion recording audience reaction. The second disc contains the recut edition of the film with the option to view the chapters as self contained films along with an interactive comic book, and the featurettes How it Went Down: Convincing Frank Miller To Make the Film, Special Guest Director: Quentin Tarantino, A Hard Top with a Decent Engine: The Cars of Sin City, Booze, Broads and Buns: The Props of Sin City, , Trench Coats & Fishnets: The Costumes of Sin City and several smaller featurettes from Robert Rodriguez. Trailers are also included.

On April 21st the decent begins.

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