Shout! Hooray for Rhoda

Thirty five years ago, there was no TiVo and people stayed home to watch Rhoda because if they missed it… they missed it. But a generation later they can remember those laughs anytime with a new DVD set of Rhoda Season One.

A popular spin-off of the beloved Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda begins as Rhoda Morgenstern goes home to New York for a visit. When she unexpectedly meets “the” guy, Rhoda decides to move back. Joe Gerard, the ruggedly handsome and divorced owner of a demolition company, is Rhoda’s perfect match. The couple works hard to keep their relationship solid in spite of – and sometimes because of – nonstop interference by Rhoda’s manipulative mother Ida, her needy, depressed sister Brenda, her loving but ineffectual father Martin and, of course, Carlton the Doorman.

The first season box set contains all twenty-five episodes including the hour long special with the cast of The Mary Tyler Moore show attending Rhoda’s wedding. Also on the set is the featurette Remembering Rhoda.

It’s coming April 21st with a suggested retail price of $39.99.

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