Yentl is coming

In time for the 25th anniversary of the film, Yentl is coming to DVD from MGM Home Entertainment. The special two disc edition arrives in February.

The legendary Barbra Streisand shines as producer, co-writer, director and star of this radiant film about a young woman who risks everything for her insatiable passion to learn. Masquerading as a young man, she enters the Yeshiva to fulfill her forbidden desire for knowledge. But in a place where even the strongest mind can be betrayed by the body, how long can she uphold her secret before her new friends – and the young man she’s come to love – discover the shocking truth?

The first disc in the set comes with the film as well as an audio commentary and an introduction from Streisand, plus eleven deleted scenes. The second disc also contains an introduction to the suplemeents and features a series of supplements from behind the scenes including the original concept reel and rehearsals for several scenes and deleted musical numbers. Trailers and a photo gallery are also onboard.

On February 3rd Yentl will sing on DVD for $29.98. No Blu-ray word though.

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