Warner makes you watch comics with Watchmen: Motion Comics

In a somewhat new twist, Warner Home Video is bringing a comic book classic to the screen with Watchmen: Motion Comics.

Watched any great books lately? Now you can. The most celebrated graphic novel of all time that broke the conventional mold continues to break new ground “Watchmen” illustrator Dave Gibbons oversees this digital version of the graphic novel that adds limited motion, voice and sound to the books strikingly drawn panels. All 12 chapters of the story are here nearly 5 hours spanning everything from the mysterious demise of the Comedian to the crisscrossed destinies of loosely allied superheroes to their fateful impact on the world. Be in the know. Be watching. With Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic.

The 2-disc DVD will be in stores on March 3 for $29.98.

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