Wanted (Blu-Ray Disc)

Wanted (Blu-Ray Disc)

On Universal Home Entertainment’s Blu-Ray version of “Wanted” you can also find a few hidden features if you know where to look for them.

On the disc’s Main Menu press the “Up” arrow key on your remotecontrol to unveil a hidden menu option, entitled “Code Of The Fraternity.” Select the entry and you will find yourself on a new menu screen where you will have to enter a code. Enter “01010111” here to get to a clip featuring actor James McAvoy.

Now go back to the Main Menu and select the entry “Extras.” On the following menu screen press the “Down” key on your remote control until you unlock a hidden symbol. Now, press the “Enter” key and you will see a code to unlock additional weapons in “Wanted: The Game.”

Now select the “U-Control” entry form the disc’s Main Menu and on the following page press the “Up” arrow key on your remote control until you see a hidden symbol appear. Press “Enter” now and you will be treated to a secret code to unlock “Invulnerability” in “Wanted: The Game.”

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