The Arrival shows up in high definition

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has just added the 1996 science fiction thriller The Arrival to their Blu-Ray line-up, scheduling the film for an April release.

Radio astronomer Zane Zaminsky (Charlie Sheen) believes he’s picked up a cosmic noise that signals extraterrestrial intelligence. But after turning over the tape to his boss Phil Gordian (Ron Silver), Zane’s fired, his girlfriend gets transferred and his partner is found dead from a supposed suicide. Zane’s desperate search for answers leads him to Mexico and a mysterious power plant, generating more than electricity and run by people who are not what they appear to be. Arrested for the murder of a scientist investigating an impending ecological disaster, Zane escapes custody carrying proof of a world-shattering alien invasion in this intense sci-fi thriller.

Presented in the film’s original widescreen aspect ratio the release will most likely not contain any extras but will still make an interesting contender when “The Arrival” comes to stores on April 21 for $29.99.

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