Fast and Furious x3 on Blu-ray

All three films in the Fast and Furious franchise are coming as a Blu-ray three pack from Universal.

The first film comes loaded with U Control, BD Live, the featurettes Dom’s Charger, Quarter Mile at a Time, Hot off the Street, making of, More than Furious and Tricking Out a Hot Import Car, deleted scenes, public service announcements, a prelude to the second film, multi-camera sequences, music videos, sountrack spots, trailers, a crash montage, audio commentary and D-Box.

2 Fast 2 Furious also arrives filled with U Controle, BD-Live, the featurettes Fast Females, Hollywood Impacy, Inside 2 Fast 2 Furious, Actor Driving School, Tricking Out a Hot Import Car, Supercharge Stunts, Making Music with Ludacris, Actor Spotlights, Car Spotlights and Furious Afterburners, deleted scenes, outtakes, audio commentary and D-Box.

Finally, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift comes with U Control, BD-Live, the featurettes Making of the Fast Franchise, Drift: Sideway Craze, Cusome Made Drifter, Drifting School, Cast Cam, The Big Breakdown: Han’s Last Ride, Tricked Out to Drift, Welcome to Drifting and The Japanese Way, deleted scenes, music videos, audio commentary and D-Box.

The set will also include Movie Cash for the upcoming fourth film in the franchise. Look for it on April 3rd.

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