The Zeta Project finally arrives on DVD

Batman: The Animated Series premiered in 1992 and launched the DC Universe on television; not only indirectly leading to the many direct to DVD titles and Saturday morning cartoons still on today, but directly leading to several spin-offs in it’s own created universe. The oft forgotten black sheep of this franchise was the spin-off of a spin-off; The Zeta Project. The short lived series from the late ’90s is finally showing up on DVD from Warner.

The first season of the series – running only 12 episodes will be included in the set along with a featurette on the creation of the show. A nice bonus will be the inclusion of the episode of Batman Beyond which spawned the spin-off, as well as the episode of that series which served as one half of a cross-over episode.

The DVD set will be priced at $26.99 when it’s released on March 17th. As an added perk, Warned will temorarily reduce the price of Batman Beyond sets to $19.98 on that day. Schway!

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