Mr. Mike is coming to DVD.

Perhaps timed around the release of the 1978-79 season of SNL on DVD, Shout! Factory is releasing the obscure little gem known as Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video next month.

From the twisted genius behind Saturday Night Live’s early years… Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video is the wildly demented comedy from the mind of National Lampoon’s and Saturday Night Live’s notoriously funny writer/performer Michael O’Donoghue. And like most of O’Donoghue’s humor, it was years ahead of its time. Originally conceived in 1979 as a television special slotted for one of SNL’s hiatuses—with much of the SNL cast on board—it was summarily rejected by NBC as too outrageous for broadcast.

This bizarre little piece of cinema has a twisted history. Here’s what’s known about the DVD release; it will contain the original Mr. Bill short included in theatres. The DVD will also throw in a few of Mr. Mike’s Least-Loved Bedtime Tales and an audio commentary with Mitch Glazer. Here’s what isn’t known; whether or not the Sid Vicious segments will contain audio (as the original VHS tapes could not secure the rights.)
The DVD arrives for $19.99 on January 13th.

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