Jackie Chan’s Supercop returns to DVD

Better known to fans under its original title Police Story 3, Genius Products is releasing Jackie Chan’s actioner Supercop on DVD as a 2-disc Special Edition in January.

Martial arts icons Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh are at their absolute peak in this freewheeling, action-packed adventure. A once-in-a-lifetime one-two punch, they team up as a risk-taking cop and a strait-laced but beautiful federal agent, working undercover together to take down an international drug ring. Risking life and limb, Chan and Yeoh perform their own incredible stunts, dangling from a soaring helicopter, leaping onto careening cars, and delivering beat-downs on the roof of a speeding train.

Under their Dragon Dynasty label, Genius Products will release “Supercop” in its original 2.35:1 widescreen presentation and interestingly, according to the information the studio provided, the DVD will actually feature the original 95-minute Hong Kong version of the movie with English and Cantonese language track. Unfortunately at this time, the studio has not yet revealed any of the bonus materials that will be included in this Special Edition.

Action-marvel “Supercop” will report back for duty on January 13 for $24.95.

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