The French Connection is coming to Blu-ray

Popeye Doyle is back in The French Connection and The French Connection II in February from Fox.

The first film includes an introduction by William Friedkin, an audio commentary with the director, a second commentary with the cast, a trivia track, an isolated score, a trailer, deleted scenes, the documentaries The Poughkeepsie Shuffle and Making the Connection and the featurettes Anatomy of a Chase, Gene Hackman on Popeye Doyle, Friedkin and Grosso Remember the Real French Connection, Scene of the Crime, Color Timing The French Connection, Cop Jazz: The Music of Don Ellis and Rogue Cop: The Noir Connection.

Part II won’t be nearly as robust, but still comes with a nice set of features including commentary with John Grankenheimer, the featurettes Frankenheimer in Focus and A Conversation with Gene Hackman, a still gallery and an isolated score.

Both films will be available on February 24th for $34.99 each.

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