Universal sends Jet Li into high definition action in Fearless

Universal Home Entertainment has just added the Jet Li actioner Fearless to their Blu-Ray slate, scheduling the film for December.

Inspired by the true story of a real-life hero, Jet Li stars as a renowned martial arts champion who must come face-to-face with the most ferocious fighters in the world as part of a difficult path to redemption.

The Blu-Ray version will feature 3 different cuts of the movie on one disc. First up is the Theatrical Cut as seen in American movie theaters. The Unrated Cut offers the movie in its theatrical version as seen in other parts of the world. The real gem however is the Director’s Cut including over 35 minutes of additional footage inserted back into the film, including excised scenes with Michelle Yeoh.

Featuring a 1080p high definition transfer, the movie will come with a DTS 5.1 HD audio track in its original Mandarin language, as well as dubs in English and French, both offered in DTS 5.1.

“Fearless” makes its Blu-Ray debut on December 9 and this prime cut can be yours for only $29.98.

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