Herzog presents Encounters at the End of the World

Wener Herzog has been all over the world and now he has gone to the bottom with the new documentary Encounters at the End of the World. The new documentary is arriving from Image Entertainment.

Welcome to Antarctica – like you’ve never experienced it. You’ve seen the extraordinary marine life, the retreating glaciers and, of course, the penguins, but leave it to award-winning iconoclastic filmmaker Werner Herzog to be the first to explore the South Pole’s most fascinating inhabitants … humans. In this one-of-a-kind documentary, Herzog turns his camera on a group of remarkable individuals, “professional dreamers” who work, play and struggle to survive in a harsh landscape of mesmerizing, otherworldly beauty – perhaps the last frontier on earth.

The Blu-ray and two disc DVD will both carry an audio commentar and several featurettes. The discs will arrive on November 18th and will carry a suggested retail price of $27.98 for DVD and $35.98 on Blu-ray.

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