Inglorious Bastards

Inglorious Bastards

Submitted by Jason Soehnlein

Severin Films released Enzo G. Castellari’s Italian cult production “Inglorious Bastards” as a 3-disc DVD set and if you know where to look, you can even find some hidden features on the release. We’re here to help you find them.

On the first disc of the set highlight the menu entry “Chapter Selection” in the Main Menu and then press the “Up” arrow key once on your remote control. This will highlight an explosion. Now press the “Enter” key and you will be treated to the opening credits of the film under the alternate title “G.I. Bro.”

Now insert the second disc of the set an highlight the menu entry “Back To The War Zone.” Now press the “Up” arrow key on your remote control to highlight another explosion that will give you access to another set of alternate opening credits, this time under the name “Deadly Mission.”

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