Austin Powers makes the switch to high def

The Austin Powers trilogy is coming to Blu-ray as a box set, although individual releases haven’t been announced as yet.

All three films will make the upgrade to 1080p with a batch of extras. International Man of Mystery will come with an audio commentary, both alternate endings, deleted scenes, a trailer and an animated sequence. The Spy Who Shagged Me will include a commentary, the Comedy Central mocumentary, a featurette, deleted scenes, trailers, and music videos.
Goldmember will carry a commentary, a trivia track, featurettes, deleted scenes, an outtake montage and four more music videos.

Many might not remember, but Austin Powers was the first breakaway DVD top seller back in the early days of the format and was one of the first titles to help bring people to the new format (before The Matrix broke all the rules). The three pack will arrive on December 2nd.

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