The Matrix is making it’s way to Blu-ray

Let’s be honest, amid the slew of announcements this weekend. This is likely the most anticipated. The Matrix trilogy is coming to Blu-ray from Warner with some expected news and some new surprises.

The new set will contain seven discs: five Blu-rays and two DVDs, plus a book. The first three Blu-rays will be for the three films on Blu-ray. The Animatrix will be on a fourth BD and The Matrix Experience will be the fifth Blu-ray. Two DVDs will contain the standard def extras from the earlier DVD box set. A hardcover book will also be included. Each film will have an In-Movie Experience BonusView option. A specific breakdown of features is not listed, but is likely to mirror earlier sets. Extras total over 35 hours of material. A digital download of the first version is also available.

Now for the unconfirmed part of the story. One of the major complaints of Warner lately has been the recycling of HD-DVD transfers – which were limited to 25Gb to Blu-ray rather than giving them encodes which take advantage of the larger capacity format. The transfer for all films is 1080p VC-1 with Dolby TrueHD as with the HD-DVD release, but all films are being released on BD-50s. Does this mean the films are being re-encoded, not necesarrily. But it’s interesting to note the higher capacity discs being used.

The set arrives on October 14th.

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