Knight Rider goes to a complete series set

Knight Rider has been released in its entirety in season sets, but in preparation to promote the new series, the series will come to DVD as a complete series set from Universal.

Aside from being packaged together, there is little difference between the existing sets and the new set. The discs will be released on DVD-9s instead of DVD-18s. The extras include five featurettes, blueprints, a K.I.T.T. owner’s manual an audio commentary and – the strangest feature – a bonus episode. How can you have a bonus episode on a complete series set? One episode from season 4 is included as a bonus feature in the season three discs and then again as a regular episode.

On October 21st, the set arrives in a K.I.T.T. themed box and will carry a suggested retail price of $139.98.

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