Dark Shadows End The Beginning

Dark Shadows on DVD has been an ambitious project considering the raw number of episodes from the soap opera, but a confusing one as well for the casual observer. While the show had a cult following, most fans were only interested in the series after the arrival of the mysterious character Barnabas. So the 26 volumes of DVDs, containing nearly 1,000 episodes started with his arrival. But MPI has since gone back to release the early years of the series. Now the final set of early episodes is coming making the series complete on DVD (minus those few lost episodes) for the first time ever with Dark Shadows: The Beginning, Vol. 6: Episodes 179-209.

The amazing 35th volume of this series includes syndication sales reels and promos, newsreel footage with Joan Bennett along with current interviews, Sci-Fi Channel commercials and a bonus episode featuring the arrival of Barnabas shortly after the events of this box set.

With a suggested retail price of $45.34, the series is complete on October 28th.

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