The Omen hits Blu-Ray in time for Halloween

Already working out their Halloween slate, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has officially announced Blu-Ray versions of the Omen movies. The studio will release the original 1976 film The Omen as a stand-alone release , as well as part of The Omen Collection, a 4-disc box set that features all four of the franchises films.

The Blu-Ray versions will feature 1080p high definition transfers and DTS 5.1 HD Master Lossless Audio audio tracks on all films. No bonus materials have been announced yet but it is a safe bet to expect the studio to duplicate at the very least all the extras found on their DVD counterparts. Chances are they might even be adding a few new or improved ones.

The Omen films will appear in stores perfectly timed for Halloween, namely on September 9. “The Omen Collection” will carry a $129.99 suggested retail price while the single-disc of “The Omen” will set you back $39.98.

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