Star Trek takes a look in the mirror

After a long break from producing Fan Collectives, Paramount is creating a new box set of episodes from across the series of Star Trek to create Alternate Realities.

The following episodes will be included; Mirror, Mirror (TOS), Crossover (DS9), Through The Looking Glass (DS9), Shattered Mirror (DS9), In A Mirror, Darkly (Enterprise), In A Mirror, Darkly Part II (Enterprise), The Alternative Factor (TOS), Parallels (TNG), The Enemy Within (TOS), The Turnabout Intruder (TOS), Frame of Mind (TNG), Shattered (VOY), Yesterday’s Enterprise (TNG) The Inner Light (TNG), The Visitor (DS9), Before And After (VOY), Timeless (VOY), Course: Oblivion (VOY), E2 (Enterprise) and Twilight (Enterprise).

Quite a colection including all of the Mirror Universe episodes together and and otherwise scattered mix of good and bad throughout Trek. Little has been released concerning extras, but aside from The Captain’s Collection, most previous Trek collections have contained minimal extras. The set will however come with an exclusive Geordi LaForge action figure available through mail-away. No details on the specifics, but the only unusual LaForge featured in these episodes is Captain LaForge from Voyager’s 100th episodes Timeless.

The set arrives for a suggeted retail price of $42.99 on September 16th. Now if we could only visit the alternate reality where Trek is available on Blu-ray and ice cream is free.

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