Sony Pictures is prepping 7 Seconds for high def release

Information just arrived that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has added the Wesley Snipes actioner 7 Seconds to their Blu-Ray line-up for an August release.

Captain Jack Tolliver (Wesley Snipes) is an ex-Delta Force commando leading what should have been a clockwork-perfect armored car heist. Instead, he ends up with a priceless Van Gogh painting – and one of his crew ends up held hostage by the sadistic Russian gangsters who muscled in on the heist. Tolliver’s only option: a suicidal rescue mission where enemies become allies, your best friend can be your worst nightmare, and survival is deadliest art of all.

The Blu-Ray disc will feature a 1080p high definition transfer with Dolby Digital audio tracks. Like the DVD version that was released some time ago this disc will not contain any notable extras.

“7 Seconds” appears on Blu-Ray on August 12 with a friendly $28.95 sticker price.

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